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Young Hero Labrador Saves Mom From Attacking Intruder

Young Hero Labrador Saves Mom From Attacking Intruder
Indian Express

In India, a young hero Labrador has saved mom from an attacking intruder.

Sugar, an 11-month-old yellow Labrador Retriever, has been hailed a hero after protecting her owner from an intruder at their house in south Delhi.

The woman’s husband told the Indian Express that she was alone at home on Wednesday afternoon, May 4, when someone rang the bell.

“It was a man aged around 25 to 28 years. He had a large backpack, like a courier delivery boy. He said he had a mail for me, following which my wife opened the door. The man suddenly hit her on the abdomen with his knee, grabbed her and pushed her down,” he said.

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That is when the courageous Labrador came to her rescue. The Labrador jumped and pounced on the intruder, and he fell down. The intruder then got up and ran away.

Sugar tried to chase the man but was unable to catch him.

The head of the residential association where the attack happened was informed about the incident. The woman’s husband also filed a report at the police station.

“A case was registered under IPC section 451 (house-trespass in order to commit offense). We are checking CCTV footage to ascertain the identity of the accused,” a police officer said.