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Yellow Labrador Retriever Showers The Elderly With Love


Yellow Labrador Retriever Showers The Elderly With LoveA 3-year-old yellow Labrador Retriever visits the elderly and the sick on weekdays.

His name is Hankand he is a therapy dog.

Hank brings facility residents lots of joy and laughter.

“He is an absolute gentle giant and a very special person. I call him a person because he is,” said David Hornack, Hank’s owner.

Hornack found Hank as a stray last year in a park.

He was pondering on what he should do with the Lab, but it seems Hank already made a decision for him.

“Next thing I know he’s got his big ol’ paws on my window like I’m going with you no matter what,” Hornack said.

The two instantly became the best of friends!

Hank is so well-natured that Hornack knew he could bring happiness to people in assisted living facilities and in hospitals.

So every week day, Hank wears his certified jacket and goes to work.

“He brightens up my day. I love animals, cats and dogs,” said Shelley Joy Cain, resident at Pelican Bay Assisted Living.

The Pelican Bay residents cannot get enough of Hank.

They simply adore him!

He is calm. He has a warm heart. He is friendly — exactly what the residents need.

The adorable Lab visits four facilities every week: Pelican Bay Assisted Living Center, Dowlen Oaks Emeritus Assisted Living Center, Baptist Hospital Cancer Center, and Harbor Hospice.


Source: 12 News