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Yellow, Chocolate And Black Labrador Retrievers


Yellow, Brown and Black Labrador Retrievers1When the time comes to get a dog, your choices are almost unlimited. But, there’s one breed that stands above the rest, the Labrador Retriever. And with yellow, chocolate and black Labrador Retrievers to choose from, you’ll end up with a beautiful dog no matter what color you choose. Interestingly, black labs were once the most popular. But now that title goes to the yellow Labs.

No matter the color Labradors are wonderful dogs

If you want a really unique dog, you can investigate fox red Labs, silver Labs and white Labs. The only downside to Labs of these colors is that they can’t be used as show dogs. The upside however is that the color has absolutely no effect on their character. So, no matter which color you pick, they’ll have that awesome Labrador personality.

Labs are the most popular breed in the world

As we said, yellow Labs are the most popular dogs in the world today. The funny thing is, long ago yellow Labs were thought of as the less desirable members of the breed. Some people also think that yellow Labs are lazy and have less energy than black and chocolate Labradors. However, that’s not true at all.

Yellow Labs are commonly confused with Golden Retrievers. And while it’s easy to get these two confused from a distance, you’ll definitely notice a difference when you get up close. The first thing you’ll notice is the length of their hair. Golden Retrievers are long haired dogs. Yellow Labs on the other hand have much shorter hair.

Does color make a difference?

Yellow, Brown and Black Labrador RetrieversThe color that started the breed was the Black Lab. Black Labs are considered to be the purest of the breed. When black Labradors started interbreeding with Newfoundland dogs and St John’s Water Dogs, new colors started emerging. Black and chocolate Labs noses usually match their coat in color. If they don’t, they will be disqualified from dog shows. Also, some people consider black Labradors to be the best hunters of the breed.

It took a long time for the AKC (American Kennel Club) to accept chocolate Labradors. And now, chocolate Labs are the rarest of them all. And as time goes on, they’re becoming more and more popular. Some people think chocolate Labs tend to be more stubborn than the other colors but there isn’t any evidence to back that up. No matter what color Labrador you choose, there won’t be much of a difference in personality, if any at all.

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