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Wrangler The Labrador Puppy With A Purpose Has More Career Options


Wrangler The Labrador Puppy With A Purpose Has More Career Options (1)Remember Wrangler the Labrador Retriever? The TODAY Show’s Puppy With a Purpose is training to be a great guide dog but it seems that he has unlocked more career options along the way.

“The primary goal is for Wrangler to become a guide dog, but there are many other options for him as well,” said Michelle Brier, director of marketing and communications for Guiding Eyes for the Blind.

If the Labrador pup does not become a guide dog, he could help a child with autism, or a deaf person. He can also get into law enforcement depending on his sniffing powers.


Guide dog

Being a guide dog is the toughest job to score. Brier said guide-dog training represents the highest echelon of service-dog training simply because a guide dog is wholly responsible for a blind person’s safety.

“A guide dog can literally determine whether someone crosses the street and makes it to the other side alive,” Brier explained. “These dogs simply cannot become distracted at pivotal moments.”

In case the sweet Labrador makes the cut and completes the comprehensive training to become a guide dog, he would start his new career in September next year.

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Future daddy of awesome guide dogs

Guiding Eyes for the Blind trains hundreds of dogs.They remain on high alert for the top 3 percent of pups with the most superior health and temperament. Brier shares that those dogs join the organization’s breeding colony and become responsible for future generations of guide dogs.

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Autism service dog

Some dogs trained by Guiding Eyes for the Blind end up providing safety and companionship for children with autism spectrum disorder. It has been seen that kids with autism become more verbal and outgoing in the presence of calm, dependable dogs. The dogs can also help children learn valuable lessons about responsibility and empathy.

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A hearing ear

Wrangler can also work asa hearing dog for a child or adult who is deaf or has hearing loss. Guiding Eyes is partners with the National Education for Assistance Dog Services (NEADS), which provides such hearing dogs.

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Canine police

Depending on his sniffing powers, Wrangler can do police work. Some dogs trained through Guiding Eyes go on to work for state police agencies and other law-enforcement agencies – catching criminals; sniffing substances, narcotics, and explosives; and keeping the public safe from harm.

Wrangler could also have a career as a police dog.

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A lovable buddy and companion – a pet

What if Wrangler then chooses “None of the above”? It’s OK! This darling will have a great life being adored and loved as someone’s pet.

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“Dogs released from Guiding Eyes as pets often find their own versions of alternative careers,” Brier said. “Many owners certify their released dogs as therapy dogs.”


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Source: TODAY