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Woman Fined For Walking Her Labrador While Driving In Traffic!


This is the height of laziness and so very dangerous!

An obese Argentinian woman was fined for walking her Labrador while driving her car in the traffic!

The poor chocolate Lab was on the end of a leash of sorts while she drove with one arm out the window. With the dog skipping dangerously on and off the curb, cars tailgated behind her.

The incident happened in Neuquen in Argentina.

Argentinian Woman Fined For Walking Her Labrador Dog While Driving In Traffic

The police eventually intervened and fined the lazy dog owner.

The woman didn’t seem to care that she was causing a traffic jam. The poor dog tried his best to keep up with the vehicle but was in serious danger.

At one point, her Labrador Retriever  narrowly missed being squashed between her vehicle and the path.

Commuters became irate and blew their horns but this had little effect!

An astonished passer-by recorded the bizarre scene and posted it on a local set up for people to report uncivic acts anonymously.

Council officials confirmed they had identified the unnamed driver from her number plate and handed her three fines – two for traffic offences and one for animal cruelty.

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Council spokesman Juan Manuel Lopez Osornio said: “She received two traffic fines for the way she was driving and for the risk she was causing other drivers.

“She was also fined in relation to an act of animal cruelty.”

One enraged resident commented on a local newspaper website, “It would do this woman good to be taken out for walkies like that.”

Another added: “The more I get to know people, the more I love my dog.”