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Woman Chooses To Live In Her Car To Keep Her Dogs!


When faced with the choice of saving herself but losing her dogs, one woman chose to live in her car to keep her dogs!

It’s so easy to say “I would never give up my dogs” but very few have actually been put to the challenge!

At great cost to herself Hillary Barrows, 57, chose to be homeless rather than lose her beloved dogs, Robbie and Cleo!

UK Woman Lives In Her Car To Keep Her Dogs

Hillary, 57, spent eight years teaching English across Europe before returning to Kent, England, in January. She couldn’t find a job and soon ran out of money. She was offered emergency council accommodation for herself only. Taking the offer meant giving up her dogs who were not welcome in public housing.

She bravely refused and started living in her 20-year-old Alfa Romeo auto in a 24-hour Asda car park in Canterbury. She rescued both dogs, a Pharaoh Hound Robbie and Labrador Cleo, while travelling. They are her only family in England, and she is committed to keeping them.

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Dog lovers can understand not abandoning their canine companions even in difficult times. Barrows stated the following, according to METRO.

“When I came back I had my own money and privately rented in Herne Bay, but ran out of money. I was offered emergency housing but the dogs were not allowed to come with me and I won’t go anywhere without my dogs. The only place I could stay was my 20-year-old Alfa Romeo. I decided to drive to Canterbury because the Salvation Army have really helped me and fed the dogs, and there is a public toilet nearby. There is a paid shower room that I use once a week. The RSPCA have been out to visit the dogs twice and they have no problem living in the car.”

Hillary has set up a GoFundMe and donations to date amount to £6,060.

Here’s the description:

I have a dream…to end this hell I’m living in. To end the hell my dogs are living in. Have you ever spent a week in your car, broke and alone, never mind several months? It’s hell. The seventh level of hell.
I dream of a warm bed, pillows, daily hot showers. Regular meals. This could happen to you. Homelessness can happen to anyone. Tough times in France, clients who never paid, sent me in search of work and greener pastures.  This search has left me and my two best buddies broke and homeless. We have endured life, for some months now, in my 20 year-old-car. We struggled back, from France, to the UK by selling all of my jewelry. We have had many very dark nights, alone, in the cold and the rain, in the car. No one to help me. No one to talk to. Sponge baths in McDonalds. Begging for hot water so I could have a cup of soup in the car. Days with little or nothing to eat. Two nights in homeless shelter in Rotterdam. I have been back in the UK since January and the government denies me emergency housing. When I first arrived they said they would help me, as a courtesy, but only for a few nights, because I was not eligible, having been out of the UK for years. I could not take my dogs with me to the shelter and if I left them in the car at night, they would call the RSPCA. So, we stayed in the car in minus degree weather. My second night, it snowed. I awoke inside an icebox. The condensation had frozed and had to be chipped off. Now that I am eligible, the local housing council deems that I am not a priority so my dogs and I continue to live in the car.  We are tired. We are depressed. There are days when I think of nothing but taking the easy way out but I promised to love and protect my babies until the day they pass on. They need me and I need them. I hope to raise enough money for rent and deposit and to pay the rental agency fees.   About the dogs: I rescued Robbie in Mallorca, Spain. He had been treated badly and was terrified of everything. He’s such a sweet, loving boy! Cleo, I found in the street in Sicily. A tiny 3-month-old-puppy abandoned to the streets. She is awesome!   Cleo has destroyed the seats because she is angry. People call the RSPCA when they see my dogs left in the car. It’s difficult to go and do anything since they have to stay in the car. Until we have a fixed address, their mummy can’t get a job, mummy has no life, no friends and no family to help.  Please help us to enjoy the warmth of a proper bed, regular meals and a chance at a better life, off the streets.   My dogs and I will be eternally grateful to any generosity. Woof! Woof!

Please help if you can. This could happen to anyone of us.


Article source: Inquisitr