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This Woman Ate Her Dog’s Food For Six Days! Would You Eat Your Labrador’s Dog Food?


Several trends in fitness and diet are popping up lately. For health-buffs, keeping a strict schedule of exercise and meal plans is a must.

One of those diet trends is Paleo – a so-called “caveman diet”.

A dedicated paleo diet follower found a cheap solution to eating healthy.

Anne Kadet checked out her Border Collie’s food and voila – an odd and jaw-dropping experiment came to life. Kadet decided to eat nothing but dog food for six days.

She wrote about her bizarre diet in Ozy.com.

Would You Eat Your Labradors Dog Food (1)

According to her, high-end dog food is quite paleo diet-friendly. Dog food is high in protein, grain-free and gluten-free. Her chosen dog food was made with holistic ingredients, and contained nutritional supplements.

Wanna know the best part of it? It only cost 85 cents per can.

It may be cheap and cost-effective but how about the taste and texture?

Kadet said she found the kibble to be a chore to chew because of its dry and gritty texture,while the canned food tasted generally bland. Throughout her diet, she found a brand of stew-like dog food that she actually enjoyed.

Kadet also consumed dog treats for snacks. Nope, not those stinky beef jerkies. She ate Milk Bones.

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After six days of being on the diet, she reported that she lost two pounds. She also said that her digestion was good and her energy levels were skyrocketing. Her blood tests also showed that her blood sugar levels were better than ever.

However, the cost of the tastier food made the dog food diet not as cheap as she had hoped.

She went back to eating food for people after six days of diet. Well, we can’t blame her.

Health professionals strongly discourage people from eating dog food since it is not designed to provide the right nutrition for humans. Aside from that, dog kibble carries the risk of salmonella contamination.

After all that, Kadetstill says if she found herself broke, she would opt dog food over Ramen noodles.

How about you?

Would you like to try that kind of diet?


Source: WPXI