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When An Intruder Enters The House, Will Your Labrador Protect Your Home?


Will Your Labrador Protect Your HomeIs your Lab brave or a coward? Would your Labrador Retriever protect you in times of trouble? He probably will!

But will your beloved dog guard your house from intruders?

With the help of dog trainer Lee Hamilton, Fox8 put three dogs to the test!

The first pooch wa sGinnie, a Cocker SpanielBichon mix!

“Any little creep noise, she’s barking and running at the front door,” her humans says. “She gets on protective mode.”

When asked what Ginnie would do when an intruder enters the house, she answers, “She would freak out.”

Fox8 set up 5 surveillance cameras to find out how the dog would actually react. Lee walks in the house wearing a bite suit. Upon hearing the door, Ginnie immediately runs to door.

But instead of going into protective mode, the pooch runs and hides from Lee!

Fox 8 then asked Ginnie’s human if she would let the pooch protect her home.

“We should probably get a security system,” she said with a smile.

The next dog up was Bernie, a BoxerLabrador mix! Claudia Dillinger, one his owners, describes him as “a quiet dog.”

His owners think that Bernie would either bark loud or run when a stranger comes inside their home. They were wrong. Brave Bernie did not stop barking. He even followed Lee around the house!

“I’m very impressed,” Dillinger said. “I’m glad she did not run away like a coward and she really stood her ground to protect our home!”

Last pooch to be tested was Cane, a Cane Corso Mastiff.

“He would defend his home,” says Cane’s owner, Mark James. ”I’ve been in a vehicle (with him) before and he doesn’t really like when people approach the car.”

But James wasn’t too sure how he would react if he wasn’t around.

One of Lee’s fellow trainers entered James home. At first, the Cane Corso followed the intruder around, then he retreated to a corner.

James was quite surprised at Cane’s reaction.

“There’s more training in store for Cane,” James said. ”I’d like him to defend the house.”

According to Lee, all three dogs are simply not trained to attack an intruder.

How about your Lab? Will your Labrador protect your home?

Source: Fox8