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Will The Labrador Retriever Be Declared As Maine’s State Dog?


Will The Labrador Retriever Be Declared As Maines State DogA few weeks ago, one Labrador owner and lover proposed to make the Labrador Retriever Maine’s State Dog.  Stacy Gile contacted lawmakers and helped draft the bill to make the Labrador Maine’s State Dog.

The declaration of the Labrador Retriever as Maine’s official state dog drew no opposition at a public hearing before the Legislature’s State and Local Government Committee! It actually received a lot of support!

Eliza Gamage, a third grader from Rockland, urged lawmakers to approve the bill.

“I think the Labrador Retriever should be the Maine state dog because we do not have a state dog,” Gamage said. “Labrador Retrievers are very smart, they are great swimmers and, if you are drowning, they are most likely to save you if they are near.”

People testified that Labs are a perfect fitfor Mainers who love their dogs!They say, Labs are loyal, friendly, hardy, and they enjoy all weather conditions – just like Mainers!

The lawmakers were also told that 18 percent of all dogs licensed in Maine are Labs. The committee has yet to schedule a work session on the bill.

“As Maine is the state geographically closest to where the Lab originated, we have a logical connection to them,” said Stacy Gile. “Our strong hunting and fishing heritage, and culture of being outdoors and active in all seasons, makes them a great companion dog for thousands of Mainers.”


Source: MPBN News