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Will Los Angeles Host America’s First Dog Cafe?


Will Los Angeles Host Americas First Dog CafeCould America’s first dog café be in Los Angeles?

While the number of cat cafes are growing, America still does not have a dog cafe! This could change soon. Patrons may be able to get a side order of doggie love along with their favorite beverage!

The first dog cafe may open in Los Angeles soon.

Sarah Wolfgang hopes to raise $200,000 by Feb. 5 to open the “Dog Café”. She has set up an Indiegogo campaign to raise the funds.

Sarah first came across the concept in Korea where she worked at dog shelters that rescued and re-homed special-needs dogs.

At a dog café you get to pet dogs while enjoying your coffee or tea. Puppy kisses with your latte – who could ask for more!

Sarah wants to change the traditional model by giving patrons the opportunity to also adopt the dogs.

Her Indiegogo page says, “The Dog Cafe is going to put a spin on the way people adopt by totally reinventing the way we connect with homeless dogs. We want to provide you with the opportunity to see these highly adoptable pooches in their true light.”

Local dog rescue organizations and Korean shelters will provide the dogs for the cafe. There will be a dog zone, where the pups can roam freely and meet their new potential families.

Los Angeles Health Department regulations require that the establishment have two separate rooms – one for patrons to consume beverages and one where they can interact with the dogs.

Only drinks will be available and Sarah feels that food could make the dogs territorial. Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.,  will provide the coffee. The company donates 20% of its profits to a local shelter.

Dog Café is not only about dog adoption. Many apartment complexes don’t allow pets. For apartment dwellers it will be the perfect place to get a dose of dog love.

Sarah says, “Even if you’re not looking to adopt, you can still enjoy all of the sloppy kisses you’ve ever wanted.”

Image source: From KD to Kimchi