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Will The Labrador Retriever Become Maine’s State Dog?


Will The Labrador Retriever Become Maines State DogThe Labrador Retriever has been proposed as Maine’s state dog.

Stacy Gile, a Labrador lover and owner, contacted lawmakers and drafted the bill for this session.

State lawmakers will vote on the bill that could make the Labrador Retriever Maine’s official state dog.

The state has an official animal, bird and cat. So why not a dog? Among dog breeds, the Labrador certainly shines!

“I think they would make an excellent symbol for what Maine stands for outdoorsmen, hunting, fishing, friendliness, and a healthy outdoor lifestyle,” Giles told WCSH6.

Stacy Gile has two awesome black Labs. She has had a Labrador at her side most of her life.

“We realized really quickly that everywhere you went you saw labs,” said Gile.

Last summer, Gile decided to contact her local lawmakers to find out how to make labs the official state dog.

“I certainly don’t blame people for thinking ‘What do we need a state dog for?’ Well, why don’t we have one? We have all kinds of state symbols,” said Gile. “We have the ones we all know about. We have the chickadee. We have the moose. We have the Maine coon cat. The cat gets their day, why can’t the dog have theirs?”

Labs – The state dog of Maine was set up to raise awareness and support.

The bill has been passed to committee and will be heard on Feb. 11.


Article source: WCSH6