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Why Not Try Skijoring With Your Labrador?


Why Not Try Skijoring With Your LabradorFor some winter fun, why not try skijoring with your Labrador!

Skijoring is a fast-growing sport that suits a Labradors enthusiasm and energy to a tee!

The word “skijoring” comes a Norwegian word that means ski driving. The sport involves being pulled on skis by various means including dog, horses and motor vehicles.

The canine-powered version is like dog-sledding without the sled.

Most dogs that love to run and pull, regardless of size, can adapt to skijoring.

Race-oriented skijorers look for athletic endurance dogs that pull hard. Popular breeds on the racing circuits include German Wirehaired Pointers and Greyhound and Husky mixes.

For recreational skijoring, all dogs can have fun with their owners!

With larger dogs like Labradors, you probably won’t have to do much work, you’ll just be pulled along! With smaller dog’s you’ll have to do a lot more skiing.

Watch this Labrador and owner having fun in the snow! Seems the Labrador only gets it in one direction! 🙂