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Why Do Dogs Tilt Their Heads?


Key Rap Wilsams - Labrador Head TiltLabradors sure look adorable when they cock their heads! When you add sweet, loving doggie eyes to the mix, a dog’s head tilt becomes our kryptonite!

But why do dogs tilt their heads? Have you ever wondered why?

Dogs tilt their heads in reaction to unfamiliar sounds. Some dogs focus better on the source of the sound using a process called triangulation. This means, a dog’s ears function as stereo receivers.

Labrador Retrievers, like most dogs, are inherently curious about their surroundings. A single noise can trigger their curiosity. Most dogs hearing an unfamiliar sound are likely to find the source of the sound.

As your Labrador hears the sound, his brain calculates the delay between the time the sound reaches the ear nearest to the sound and when it reaches the ear furthest from it.

With this difference, dogs can estimate the distance of the sound source’s location.

Have you ever noticed how you tilt you head when you misheard something or when you want to listen harder?

Presumably, we do it for the same reason.

Image source: Key Rap Willsams/Facebook