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Why Do Dogs Lick? Does Your Labrador Love To Lick You?


Why Do Dogs Lick 2So why do dogs lick? Ever wondered why Labrador loves to lick you?

We all look forward to some cuddling time with our dogs when we get home. Those wagging tails and happy barks turn bad days into good one!

When you greet your dog and reach down to pet, you’re rewarded with a wet lick – a big slobbery kiss!

There are a number of reasons why dogs lick! Different situations have different meanings.


When you arrive home and your dog starts licking your face, it is most likely a sign of affection. This behavior is also seen in wild dogs, who greet each other with some face-licking. It is also a sign of respect for their “provider” or “pack leader.”

Display of affection

When it’s time for bed, humans usually pet their dogs as a sign of affection. Cuddle time is soothing and stress-relieving for both the human and the dog. Dogs return the display of love by licking your face. This behavior can also be seen with mother dogs and their puppies.


When hungry, puppies lick their mother’s mouth to stimulate her to regurgitate food so they can eat her vomit.


Dogs clean themselves by licking and they want to make sure you’re clean as well. If your pooch licks your face out of nowhere, they’re helping to keep you clean.


As with affection, dogs like to lick your face because they love the feeling they get from doing so. If your body releases endorphins when you pet your dog, your pooches experience the same, too – but by licking!

Dogs are really wonderful creatures!

We sure are thankful to spend our lives with them here on Earth!