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Labbie Prenup: What Happens To Your Dog If You Get Divorced?


Every dog lover treats their pup like family. But have you ever imagined what would happen to your dog if you got divorced? Give a thought to Labbie prenup.

Give a thought to Labbie prenup

We often hear about some renowned people signing prenups before their wedding day to protect their wealth. That’s what country singers Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert did before they tied the nuptial knot and said their “I Dos.” It was a smart move that made their recent divorce a quick one. What’s interesting is their prenup reportedly included their pets.

What is Labbie Prenup

The pet prenup is the newest trend among some couples who are getting married. For couples interested to bring a furry friend into their married life, things can turn nasty at the time of divorce. “The dog or the cat or the family pet is seen like a child and both partners want its custody. With that, comes the emotional turmoil over the possession of the dog,” said Eric Meredith, attorney, and partner with Jetton and Meredith.

Katherine Lopez and her husband have no kids of their own. What they have are their two fur babies.

“This one we found just recently,” she told WCNC. “He is Pluto.”

“And then Princess. I’ve had her since she was 2 months old; now she’s 8 years,” Lopez added.”She’s my sweetheart. She’s everything to me. I don’t have any kids.”

According to Meredith, with a Labbie prenup, you’re just preparing for the worst.

“It really provides you with a roadmap, and it says, ‘Hey, if we ever go this way, if we ever get divorced, this is what’s going to happen. This is how we’re going to divide things up and that includes a pet,'” he said.

Lopez and her husband didn’t know what a puppy prenup was before, but now she gets the idea behind it.

“Realistically, it wouldn’t be such a bad idea because you love those dogs like they are part of your family. They’re your kids if you don’t have children,” Lopez added.

Pet Custody

But unlike the custody of kids, the decision on the custody of pets is different. There is no custody case needed.

“You’re not going to have a custody case over the family dog. It’s going to be treated just like the car, the couch in the living room,” Meredith said.

But if there’s no pet prenup, “There’s really not much you can do,” Meredith added. “It’s no different than one of the spouses who has a large sum of money or whatever and is like, ‘I wish I would’ve addressed that before.’”

There are a number of factors that you can help you decide about the pet custody:

  1. Who purchased the pet? Unfortunately, the court treats the pet as your personal property. Do you have a receipt or bill of sale?
  2. Should both partners be responsible for animal care?
  3. What are the rights of the non-owning partner?

How Does a Labbie Prenup Protect Your Ownership of Your Pet

Prenuptial agreements are common among couples planning to tie the knot. But the concept is fast gaining popularity among progressive unmarried couples who want to lower the risk of heated disagreements over the custody of a co-owned pet in the event of a breakup.

If your state has a cohabitation agreement that can be validly executed and enforced, it is a convenient way to outline rights and responsibilities of both partners in the event of a separation or breakup.

Think of what is best for the pet, though the law treats the pet as the personal property of the owner and is intended for their benefit. Courts can award a pet to either owner or both. According to the law, the pet is capable of human ownership and control. However, laws are starting to change, and courts are considering the best interest of pets in making a decision on the pet custody. In many instances, courts have awarded visitation, shared custody, and alimony to owners.

Owners may go ahead with a contract between each other if a court is not willing to do so. However, they may need to register it.

With a pet prenup signed in advance, you will already know who gets the pet custody if there is a breakup. Both partners can decide if they want to share the custody of the pet or one person will take care of their furry friend. So you know now how a Labbie prenup can come in handy if you are getting separated from your spouse.