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What are Dudley Labs?


If you’ve been reading a lot about Labradors, you are probably familiar with the term Dudley Labs. But what are Dudley Labs anyway? The term sounds adorable – like something that came out of a cartoon movie. But, it is actually a term used to denote a yellow Labrador without pigmentation on the eyes and different parts of his face.

Dudley Labs

Dudley Labs Description

Basically, a Dudley Lab is a yellow Labrador Retriever with the lack of pigmentation. A Labrador usually has black or liver pigments on his nose, muzzle, or the rims of his eyes. However, a Dudley Lab is marked by the absence of pigmentation in these areas of his face and their eye rims and nose are pink in color. This leads many to call it a yellow lab with a chocolate nose.

Difference Between Dudley Labs and other Pink-nosed Labs

A Dudley Lab must not be confused with other Labradors who experience snow/winter nose or other pigmentation issues.

Most Labrador puppies – if not all – are born with bright pink noses. These itty-bitty noses usually become darker after a few weeks. Only a few yellow Labs retain their pink noses. Some have a dark nose but only to a light brown shade, instead of pure black. These differences are due to the variation in the density and type of melanin carried in the Labrador puppy’s genes that he inherited from his parents.

Dudley Labs are born with pink noses and this remains exactly the same even after they grow old.

Unlike other pink-nosed Labs who experience snow or winter nose or vitiligo, Dudley Labs have only light pink or tan around their eyes. Labradors with snow noses or other pigmentation issues retain the black pigment in their eye rims.

Are Dudley Labs pure Labradors?

Yes, Dudley Labradors are pure Labradors without any doubt. Their pink nose is considered a genetic quirk, according to the American Kennel Society. However, they are not allowed to join dog shows. Dudley Labs are still 100% Labradors that are as sweet and loving as other Labrador Retrievers. So, if you are not planning to participate in Lab shows, a Dudley Labrador may be the Lab for you.

Caring for your Dudley Lab’s Dudley Nose

Since Dudley Labs have no pigmentation in their nose, they can suffer from sunburn on their noses in the summer or in the hot environment. This isn’t a problem if you live in an area where the weather is mild and pleasant.

You can consult your veterinarian if your Dudley Lab will need any sunscreen protection for his nose.


  1. I have one of the prettiest Dudley females I’ve ever seen’ one of the happiest dogs that ever walked! Her parents were beautiful hunters and perfect pets! We are LEGACY LABRAOR RETRIEVERS !!!! Doerun, Ga.

  2. We just rescued a Dudley lab. She was hit by a car and her rear leg was shattered. They removed it as the bone could not be repaired and she was in a lot of pain. She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. Super smart and very loyal.


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