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War Veteran Won’t Give Up On His Labrador Service Dog Despite $11,000 Vet Bills


War Veteran Wont Give Up On His Labrador Service Dog Despite 11 000 Vet Bills   (1)Former Sgt. William Cole spent 29 months as a special operations soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan.

His stay in those countries left him with a traumatic brain injury, PTSD, and memories of a lost friend he met in Ranger school.

Now, Cole is a medically retired Army Ranger and he has a service dog named Hank, a Labrador Retriever.

Cole carried his best buddy down the stairs for a walk outside of their home in San Antonio, Texas on Wednesday, November 19.

The 2-year-old black Lab was recently hit by a car and suffered injuries that make it painful for him to walk down the stairs.

The two are inseparable. Cole thanks Hank for saving his life when he was suffering from PTSD and other injuries suffered during his duty in the Middle East.

Last October, Hank was badly injured in a car accident. The Labrador required extensive surgeries and medications to recover.

Cole did everything he could to save his best buddy, but now is left with $11,000 in vet bills. The two used to live in College Station before Hank’s accident but now Cole moved in with his brother and mother in San Antonio so that they could assist him to take care of Hank as he recovered.

Cole is now a student at St. Mary’s University. He has plans to enter pre-law studies.

He and his best friend, Hank, will continue to recover from their injuries together.


Image: Matthew Busch

Source: San Antonio Express News