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Want To Take Your Lab For A Ride? Here Are A Few Things To Consider!


Want To Take Your Lab For A Ride (2)If we could take our Labradors with us everywhere, we would! And although it is fun for them to go for a ride, it can be unsafe.

We’re giving you safety car ride tips for a secure drive with your Labs!

Mikkel Becker, an animal trainer and Vetstreet.com writer says letting your Lab put his head out the window is not a good idea.


“The big hazard with that is a lot of dogs will jump right out of that window if they see something really exciting, like a cat or another dog,” Becker said. “The other thing is it can be damaging to their eyes and to their ears and you never know what kind of debris is going to come in.”

Here’s a fair suggestion and a healthy compromise that should make your fun-loving Labs just as happy.

Open the window just a little– just enough to let the smell come in the car.

“Dogs have such a great sense of smell that they can really tell what’s going on and what’s around just through their nose,” Becker said.

Every single passenger in a vehicle should be secured and that includes the dog.

This means, they should alwaysbe in the back seat.

You can also opt to strap them in with a harness or use a pet carrier!

Enjoy your trips!


Images: IDS photos/Flickr, jespahjoy/Flickr

Source: Komo News