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Walkzee App Lets You Walk Shelter Dogs In Your Area


This June, the Walkzee app will finally be launched! This app lets you walk shelter dogs.

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast looking for a running buddy, or simply somebody who would love to take a cute pooch out for a walk, you may want to get the Walkzee app.

The cool app matches up shelter dogs with people who are looking for a walking buddy.

After a successful KickStarter campaign, the Walkzee app will be launched and ready for download in June.

Walkzee is the brainchild of Charlie and Christina Saunders. They came up with the idea after they took a vacation in Hawaii and came across the Kauai Humane Society that encouraged tourists and locals to take a shelter dog on a walk or on a day trip with them.

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The Saunders walked a sweet and adorable dog named Big Z, who wore a nice vest with the words “Adopt Me” on it.

Aside from you having a walking buddy, the shelter dogs get much-needed attention, exercise –and ultimately, exposure to potential adopters.

“While on the walk we talked about how amazing it was as a program,” Charlie Saunders told the Huffington Post. “So many dog lovers don’t have a dog to spend time with because of their job or home situation. Meanwhile, so many dogs wait for a walk in a shelter. We think this is crazy.”

Now, the couple is determined to get more shelter dogs out walking with dog lovers and hopefully get a higher rate of adoptions.

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“Walkzee is an iOS/Android/Web application that connects shelter dogs who need a walk, to dog lovers looking for a walking buddy. Our goal is to disrupt the traditional dog volunteering sector and harness the sharing economy to improve the health & happiness of both dogs and people, while ultimately improving adoption rates,” Saunders said.

He also adds that the app has been “145% funded through KickStarter.”  There are currently 250 shelters registered to use the system. The Walkzee program will be on display at the Collision Technology Conference on May 5-6. They were awarded a free exhibition at this event.

How The App Works

Participating dog shelters will list their dogs on Walkzee. Walkers will then be able to search for dogs in their area. Once a walker chooses a pooch to walk, they will contact the shelter through the app, or by directly contacting the shelter.

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After taking the dog out for a walk and spending time with them, walkers can leave reviews for both the dog and the shelter. The walkers can even use the app to make a donation to the shelter. Walkzee does not take a cut.

The app is 100% free and will only rely on advertising to make money.

If a shelter in your area isn’t using Walkzee, you can share the info with them and help the shelter dogs get an opportunity to make a new friend!


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