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VPI Hambone Award Goes To Labrador Survivor


Charlie, a Labrador Retriever, survived a tractor tangle.

The Labrador from Indianapolis emerged the winner in the tractor-Lab battle.

He has also been named the winner of the annual VPI Hambone Award! The award was given by Veterinary Pet Insurance for the most unusual insurance claim of the year. Charlie survived a fractured spine and lacerated kidney after an accident with a tractor.

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She loves riding with her owner, Jessica Parson, on her family’s farm, but the dog almost died when she slipped off and was crushed by a large farming equipment being dragged by the tractor.

A team of vets at Purdue University Veterinary Teaching Hospital performed 2 surgeries to save the Labrador’s life –including a surgery to remove her kidney.

The hospital will be given $10,000 from VPI through the Veterinary Care Foundation as part of the reward. This will be used to help pet owners who can’t afford treatment.

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Charlie won the online voting, in which 12 nominees were selected from 1.1 million insurance claims in the contest’s 6th year. Charlie was awarded his own bag of doggy treats, toys and an emergency pet kit.

Charlie beat out Louie, a large mixed breed from Louisville. Louis, the runner-up, ate a diaper, a tube of diaper rash cream, a whole bottle of baby lotion, and a children’s book. Finishing in third place was Jack. He is a Jack Russell Terrier from Virginia who was snatched and carried away by a large owl. He suffered severe internal and external injuries.

Previous winners include Winnie, a mixed-breed dog who ate two pounds of frozen onion rings, and Peanut, a Dachshund buried alive by a skunk.


Images and article source: Veterinary Pet Insurance