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Vacationers Confess Sending Postcards To Their Beloved Pets


Vacationers Admit Buying Souvenirs and Sending Postcards To Their Beloved Pets (1)While many UK dog owners consider their dogs their babies, this survey provides more proof that dogs are indeed family.

In a survey of travelers, it was found that 50% of dog owners would love to travel with their pet, and 20% call home to speak to their beloved pets.Can you imagine the conversations?

Some dog owners admit to taking their pooches on honeymoon and others recall the chaos caused by their pooches on trips.

The survey with 10,779 respondents was conducted by the Australian travel company Wotif.com. 91% had a pet and 49% said that they would take their pet along on vacation.

27% of survey takers admitted to buying souvenirs for their pets, while 22% carried around a photo of their pet, and 4% sent their pet a postcard.

Of course! What kind of pet owner doesn’t love to smother their pets with affection?

21% of those who travel with their pets admitted to smuggling their furry babies into accommodation that wasn’t pet friendly and8% had been caught in the act.

Survey respondents also had the choice to confess the strangest things they’ve done when they were able take their pets along.

“We took our dog on our honeymoon and we have photos of her fishing, napping on the plush sofa, running through the waves, eating at the local cafe, swimming from the boat… she had a ball!’ one respondent confessed. “The next time we went away without her I missed her so much, we cut the holiday short to go home!”

A fellow dog lover said that their strangest pet story had occurred when their 38kg Labrador Retrievertried to enter the holiday house through a pet flap that could only fit a 2kg cat. “He managed to get inside to his shoulders and then could move no further,” they said. “Instead of panicking, he simply relaxed and had a sleep. Needless to say, we needed to dismantle the door.”


Images: IDS.photos/Flickr, Marc Dalmuder/Flickr

Source: Daily Mail