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Puppy Mill Imports To Be Blocked By The United States


Puppy Mill Imports To Be Blocked By The United StatesPuppy mill imports are finally being restricted.

Other countries can no longer flood the U.S. market with thousands dogs from puppy mills. This was announced by the U.S. Department of Agriculture on August 15.

It is a momentous victory for the Humane Society of the United States and thousands of animal advocates nationwide.

The animal trade has been strong in this era of globalization. Pork and meat products are exported and imported from other countries; the sale of fur or animal skin has been doing its occasional rounds in the fashion industry; and pets from all over the world are blatantly bred and sold for profit. Thus, the announcement of the Depart of Agriculture marks a major milestone for the organization to make trade more humane and to prevent a handful of nations from watering down animal welfare standards in the name of free trade.

Thousands of puppies endure alarming abuse as they are transported to the United States. Most puppies are separated from their mothers at 7 weeks old – not old enough to have received the vaccines they need to survive. These pups could have been carrying diseases that can infect other dogs as they are caged into crowded, filthy plastic tubs with little or no food or water. They are also often exposed to extreme temperatures during the transport. Large numbers of dogs die during transport. The whole idea concerns and enrages several animal welfare groups.


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