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UK Labrador Survives 80 Ft Cliff Into River Wye!


UK Labrador Survives 80 Ft Cliff Into River Wye!In England, a Labrador miraculously survived a fall from an 80ft cliff into the River Wye.

Karen Digwood was walking along the Wye Valley Walk at Brobury Scar with her mother, Jenny, and daughters, Morgan and Erin, when they realized that their four-year-old chocolate Labrador, Ruby, was nowhere in sight.

They discovered that Ruby had fallen down a cliff with a drop of around 80ft, into the River Wye below.

“We came across some other walkers and one of them offered to go down as far down the bank he could to see if he could see her,” Digwood said. “After some time it became clear that Ruby had gone to the point of no return and was in the river and there was an 80ft sheer drop between the bank and the river.”

Digwood then called 101, and the operator advised them to call 999 and ask for the fire and rescue service.

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Just as Digwood was about to make the call, the kayakers below managed to get the chocolate Labrador into their boat – taking her downstream while the family drove to Monnington to reach them.

“Ruby has been very subdued, quiet and sore since. Obviously we are extremely grateful to the walkers and kayakers for saving our dog as it could have ended so differently,” said Digwood.”What we would really like are some warning signs on this walk so it doesn’t happen again – as apparently this has happened before.”

“We have walked there before and always knew the river was in the distance but didn’t realize that if our dog was to go towards the river that there was a sheer cliff and she would not be able to get back out.”

The family does not want the same thing happen to other dog owners. They are calling for warning signs to be put up along the walk to alert other walkers about the dangers of the sharp drop.


Image and article source: Hereford Times