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UK Labrador Donates Blood To Save Fellow Labrador


A UK Labrador donated blood to save a fellow Labrador in need.

Grace, a 2-year-old Lab, rushed to save the life of her dog-walking buddy Ace, who is also a black Labrador.

Chloe Muir-Smith, Ace’s human, was walking the Lab on her partner’s farm on May 1 when Ace accidentally ate rat poison.

The Lab fell seriously ill and was rushed to the vets the next morning. Ace was later transferred to an emergency center in Canterbury, Kent.

UK Labrador Dog Donates Blood To Save The Life Of Her Walking Buddy

At the center, Chloe learned that blood transfusion was his only chance of survival. Unfortunately, there was no blood in stock.

She posted an appeal on social media – looking for a similar-sized dog with up-to-date vaccinations and the same blood type.

“When the vets told me it was a case of a blood transfusion or he’d die I told them to do it but my heart dropped when they said they didn’t have any,” she said. “Dogs have to be a certain weight to be a blood donor and under a certain age and I couldn’t think of anyone.”

The distraught dog owner tried to contact her friends in the middle of the night.

“I rang friends but it had gone 11pm and people weren’t picking up and by this point I was despairing,” she said. “I thought I’d try Facebook as a last ditch attempt, maybe someone would see.”

Stacey Gott, Chloe’s childhood friend who was working a night shift, replied to her plea suggesting Ace’s dog-walking companion, Grace, could be a match.

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Stacey immediately took her Labrador Retriever to the center, and it was good news – tests confirmed a match!

“By this point Ace was covered in hot water bottles and blankets and couldn’t lift his head,” Chloe said. “He wouldn’t have lasted much longer and it was heartbreaking.I was just so relieved. If it hadn’t have been for Stacey and Grace he would be dead, I’m so grateful.”

Two days later, Ace was finally able to go home.

“I couldn’t believe it. It all happened so quickly. It is amazing that he is still here, he was at death’s door,” Stacey said. “It makes you think how many dogs have been in life-threatening situations where blood could have saved their lives and how many dogs have died through it.”

Now, Chloe and Stacey hope to encourage more owners to put their dogs on the blood donor register.

Ace is now back to his happy and lively self, with Grace still joining her “blood brother” on walks.


Image and article source: Express