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UK Doggy Hotel: A Dog’s Paradise


UK Doggy Hotel A Dog's Paradise Where No Humans Are AllowedWhat should you do with your pooch when you go for a summer vacation? Check it into a dog hotel, of course.

The House of Mutt in Suffolk, is for “dogs of distinction” where human “parents” aren’t allowed to overnight.  Inside the gravelled yard of a very lovely large, grey stone 18th century rectory, dogs are welcomed by Sarh Mountford, proprietor, and Cally, her assistant.

Typically, dogs are picked up from home and driven to the hotel. Upon arrival they undergo an initial routine. It’s “leads-off” time and the other dog guests, one by one, come out to meet the new arrival.

There is a garden with huge lawns . Past the lawn is a field, with horse jumps, a lot more fields, horses, a stream and a small beach for dog-swimming.

Even the indoor facilities are wonderful. With rambling, spacious, dogs’ beds, beanbags, big, fat cushions and sofas everywhere (dogs allowed on them all), and a dog’s kitchen/cloakroom, with a row of dogs’ lockers. No doubt it is the perfect set-up for dogs.

There are an individually tailored routines: different walkies to suit babies, oldies, the super-energetic. And all have only one biscuit each at night.

If this is a dog’s life, many people would probably want it too!

Image: dailymail.co.uk

Watch the House of Mutt video!


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