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UK Dog Owners Treat Their Dogs Like Babies


UK Dog Owners Admit To Treating Their Dogs Like Babies (1)A dog is a man’s best friend. But nowadays, they seem to be more than that for many.

In UK, a dog-related survey emerged on September 21. It was found that dog owners treat their dogs like babies and are more likely to call their pet their “baby”, allow their doggies to sleep on their bed, and keep photos of their pooches.

23,000 dog owners were part of this survey. It was found that a quarter confess treating their dog like a small child. Almost half admit to letting their dog sleep on their bed.

Only under three-quarters told the survey that they have a picture of their pet.

The survey was carried out by UK’s Channel 4 as part of a new program called Dogs: Their Secret Lives.

Additional results revealed that owners of small dogs were most likely to share their bed with their dog. This includes 76.85% of Yorkshire Terriers owners, and 62.96% of Chihuahua owners.

61.62% of Jack Russell Terrier owners confessed the same, as well as 61.54% of Poodle owners.

Don’t get us wrong, the behavior is common even among larger breeds –18.18% of St Bernard owners said their dog joins them in bed and 30.27% of people with Labrador Retrievers do it as well.

It was also found in the survey that 25.82% of dog owners call their pet their “baby” – with 49% among Chihuahua owners, 47.67% of French Bulldog owners and 37.11% of Bull Terrier owners admitted to doing the same.

The findings of the survey were discussed in Dogs: Their Secret Lives.


Source: Daily Mail