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Two Labradors And A Golden Retriever Saved From Dog Meat Festival


Two Labradors and a Golden Retriever destined to be slaughtered and eaten in a cultural festival in South Korea were saved just in the time by Indiana shelter, Lucky Lab Rescue.

More than 10,000 dogs are killed for the Dog Meat Festival in Asia. When Kathy Martin, president of Lucky Lab Rescue, discovered the poor dog’s fate, she decided to help save as many as she could.

“These dogs were supposed to be somebody’s dinner and instead they are now here in the U.S. and are now going to great adoptive homes,” Martin said.

Two Labradors And A Golden Retriever Saved From Dog Meat Festival 2

Yellow Labradors Daisy and Canon, together with Nikon, a Golden Retriever, arrived safely in Indiana on Saturday night.

“To pull these dogs off the conveyer belt off of the plane was just so heartwarming and we were so enlightened (Saturday) night to save these three dogs,” Martin said.

Martin works with a South Korean source to help as many dogs as possible.

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“We don’t even begin to touch the devastation going on there with these dogs. These are three dogs out of thousands and thousands of dogs that die in South Korea every year in their meat farms,” she said.

She recalls the first time she saw pictures of dog meat farms. It was two years ago and the images stuck in her memory, inspiring her to take action.

“We have saved over 4,000 dogs; that feeling just never leaves you. To see these three dogs here with us gives you hope that one day this practice will end and these dogs won’t have to suffer this cruelty,” she said.

Encouraging everybody to do their best in saving dogs, Martin said the change won’t happen without more help.

“The mission is for awareness. By ourselves we are not going to end this. The only way we can end this is by bringing the awareness and attention to this issue and getting other people on board to help save these dogs,” Martin said.

All three dogs are healthy, spayed and are now ready for adoption.

“I’m pretty sure they won’t be around very long because they’re gorgeous and very nice dogs,” Martin said.