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Two Dogs Trapped In Hot Cars Rescued By Police In Georgia


In Georgia, two dogs trapped in hot cars were rescued by the police.

The Roswell police found two dogs trapped in two different cars on Tuesday. One driver was cited while the other one was arrested.

Police took video of a distressed Labrador Retriever in the back seat of a car and posted it on Facebook.

In the video, an officer used a special thermometer to find out what the temperature inside the car was – It was 150 degrees.

There is little that saddens us more than seeing a dog in distress.  Today, officers were called out to a parking lot…

Posted by Roswell Police Department on Tuesday, 16 June 2015

According to the police, Elaine Freeman, 77, let the dog out after officers found her in a store. The elderly woman was cited for animal cruelty.

On the same day, police were called to the parking lot of Home Depot on Holcomb Bridge Road at 11:35 in the morning. An officer found a dog locked inside a car. The highest temperature on that day was 95 degrees.

Two Dogs Trapped In Hot Cars Rescued By Police In Georgia

Elizabeth Spence, 48, was arrested by Roswell police after leaving her dog in a locked 2003 GMC Yukon. Her spouse, Randy, said, “For basically what amounts to a traffic ticket, you don’t let one person go, and take the other one, handcuffed, and throw them in jail.”

Randy Spence says his wife went into the store for only a few minutes and left the windows down.

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He even sent Channel 2 Action News a video to prove his dog wasn’t in distress.

“My guess is the officer was emotional about the dog that almost died, but to take that out on my wife, let that woman go on her own recognizance, and take my wife to jail when she did nothing wrong,” said Randy Spence.


Source: WSBTV