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Training Course On Pet First Aid Offered In Canada!


Training Course On Pet First Aid Offered In CanadaDog lovers will find this course handy! St. John Ambulance in Canada offers a course on pet first aid!

The four-hour course will teach dog owners what to in case of a medical emergency before you can get your dog to the vet.

“Pets are the same as us,” said spokesperson Roberta Hewitt. “Anything at all could happen to them in respect to an injury, a wound, they could go into shock, they could require CPR, they could be unconscious.”

The course trains pet owners how to care for injured animals, identify shock, and deal with a choking or poisoned pet. Pet owners will also be trained to perform mouth-to-snout resuscitation.

The instructors are specifically trained to teach animal first aid, which is a new concept in Newfoundland, and Labrador’s St. John Ambulance chapter in Canada.

It is not necessary to bring your pet along as a dummy will be used for demonstrations.

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Therapy dog volunteers and instructors were involved in a pilot program and Hewitt said the response was positive.

“[Pets] are certainly such precious members of the family that [owners] feel that much more comfortable and confident to be able to respond and they know what to do,” he said.

The pet first aid course will be held on Saturdays and costs $75, which includes a pet first aid kit.


Source: CBC Canada