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Top Dog In Canine Agility Class Is A Pig!


Top Dog In Canine Agility Class Is A PigA canine agility class in suburban Seattle is a sight to see indeed! This is no typical agility class – the top dog is a pig!

Amy, the pig, is drawing a lot of attention! Not only because she’s a pig in a dog class, her athletic skill are darn good too!

The awesome porky shines among barking Labradors, Collies and more! To break the monotony of all that barking, an occasional snort can be heard.

Amy gives the dogs a run for their money as she jumps through hoops, retrieves, balances and zips through the tunnel.

Amy’s owner, Lori Stock, says her 5-month-old indoor pig is a quick learner and very motivated by food rewards. Doesn’t that sound “dog-like?”

KOMO reports that Amy has already graduated from puppy manners class and has moved on to agility and obedience at the Family Dog Training Center in Kent.

Having a pig in class is a first for Training center president Kathy Lang. She recalls a pygmy goat once attending training classes, but Amy is definitely the first pig.

Article and image source: USA Today