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Today Is Take Your Dog To Work Day! Here Are Some Facts About This Holiday!


Today Is Take Your Dog To Work DayIt is Take Your Dog to Work Day! The official day of the year when dogs are often welcomed into the workplace.

This pawsome holiday is quite a treat for both dogs and dog-lovers in the US.

In 1999, Pet Sitters International created this holiday to celebrate canines and promote the adoption of dogs.

Here are a some interesting facts about Take Your Dog To Work Day!


The day Take Your Dog To Work Day Is celebrated is determined by Father’s Day.

The holiday is always the Friday after Father’s Day.

There is also aTake Your Dog to Work Week. This begins on the Monday after Father’s Day and ends on Friday, the actualTake Your Dog to Work Day.


This year marks the holiday’s 17th year.

This holiday began in 1999. Pet Sitters International started the celebration to encourage employers to “experience the joy of pets in the workplace.”


Many employees take their dogs to work on non-official days!

In a 2008 poll, the American Pet Products Association found that 17 percent of adult workers reported that their company permits pets in the workplace. In 2012, surveyed workers said they took their dogs with them to work 22 times that year.


Dogs make an office a happier workplace!

A 2006 American Pet Products Association survey found that fifty-five million Americans believe having pets in the office leads to more creativity.In the same survey, thirty seven million Americans said they believe having pets around improves manager-employee relationships.


Having dogs at work can be good for your health

Taking your dog to work isn’t only fun! It’s also good for you health! According to Inc Magazine, many studies have suggested that allowing pets in the workplace reduces stress. A study from Virginia Commonwealth University suggested that dogs not only reduce stress in the workplace but also spark new interactions among employees.


Source: IB Times