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Thirty Labrador Retrievers Welcomed Into Delhi Police Force


Thirty Labrador Retrievers Welcomed Into Delhi Police ForceThe Indian police have recruited dozens of otter-tailed officers to join their dog squad. A total of thirty Labrador Retrievers have been welcomed into the Delhi police force!

Specializing in sniffing out explosives and picking up clues from crime scenes, a new batch of 30 Labrador Retriever dogs were inducted into the dog squad of Delhi Police on Monday.

Among the blocky-headed dogs, 20 are experts in detecting explosive materials while the rest  are skilled in locating evidences from crime spots, police said.

The Labrador Retriever is the most popular breed of dog breed in the United Kingdom, Canada, and the US.

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“With the induction of these dogs, the total number of dogs in the squad have reached 60. Of the total dogs in the squad, 45 are skilled in detecting explosives and remaining are specialised in finding clues at crime spots,” a police officer told NDTV.

The Delhi Police dog squad started in 1960 with 10 dogs in Mandir Marg and Model Town areas in central and north Delhi. The dog squad has now spread across 11 Delhi Police districts and special units under the supervision of the Crime Branch.


Source: NDTV