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Therapy Dogs Relieve Stress At San Francisco International Airport


San Francisco International Airport has introduced therapy dogs to relieve stress and provide comfort and assistance to weary travelers.

In the terminal you can meet Labradors, Saint Bernards, Terriers and many other specially trained therapy dogs.

The dogs were introduced by the SPCA in early December. Their purpose is to comfort travelers. Airports bring on so many emotions; homesickness, aggression, anger, boredom, and many more. The awesome service dogs serve to relieve some of the tension.

The dogs are accompanied by their owners. They wear vests with “Pet Me” on them. Always friendly and intrigued, they make loads of new friends.

“How cute! I’ve never seen dogs in an airport before. Of course you just can’t resist,” Jenny Cornett told

Caroline Jones of SF Gate on arrival at SFO from Sonora, Texas. She was greeted by Jenna, a fluffy white Cocker Spaniel mix in a Santa collar. “Oh my gosh, she’s adorable,” she added.

SFO follows the lead of airports in Los Angeles, Florida and Buffalo, N.Y. who all have attending service dogs.

There are approximately 250 dogs enrolled in the San Francisco SPCA therapy programs. They support many causes, from the developmentally disabled to college students studying for finals. They most important characteristic is temperament. These dogs are mellow, calm in crowds, well-trained, and completely non-aggressive.

Since the program started three weeks ago everything has run smoothly. Puppy love is working its magic to relieve traveler stress.

Article and image source: SFGate.