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The Truth About The Fox Red Labrador Retriever


Yes, it’s true! Fox red Labrador Retrievers really do exist. The most common colors for Labs are black, yellow and chocolate. But, for people that want a more exotic Lab, there are some very cool colors to choose from.

Labrador Saves Owner From Fox AttackBreeders specialize in Fox Red Labrador Retriever

There are breeders that specialize in fox red Labs. And even though they look somewhat like chocolate Labs, the fox red color is actually a dark shade of yellow. And since yellow isn’t a rare color, fox red isn’t technically rare either. But, even though they aren’t technically rare, they’re definitely unique looking dogs.

Most breeders feel that creating a pure red Labrador is genetically impossible. But if you look at some of the fox red Labs out there, some of them are pretty close to pure red.

If you’re interested in getting a Labrador that isn’t one of the common colors, your choice of breeders will be limited. Something that a lot of people get sucked into is paying a huge amount for fox red Labradors. Remember, fox red Labs are just very, very dark, yellow Labs. Silver and white Labradors are also variants of the three main colors.

No matter what color Lab you choose, you can’t go wrong. Labs are some of the friendliest, most playful and most loving dogs anyone can have. And when you see your new Lab for the first time, you’ll immediately fall in love. Labs are great dogs and we love the fox red labrador!

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