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Tesco UK Slammed As For Encouraging Puppies As Christmas Gifts


The Dogs Trust in the UK coined the iconic slogan ‘A dog is for Life, Not Just for Christmas’ 35 years ago. They recently expressed their dismay about a thoughtless and irresponsible advert in Tesco’s gift guide.

This slogan is still as relevant today as it was 35 years ago.  “We know many children would put a pup on their Xmas list so we spend a considerable amount of time, money and effort reminding parents about the commitment and responsibility owning a dog entails,” a spokesman a Dogs Trust spokesman said.

The cause of the upset is an image in Tesco’s festive gift guide in which a child dashes past a blackboard with a scrawled message reading: “All I want for Christmas is a puppy.”  The controversial image appears on page 36 of the new Tesco gift guide which is now available in the stores. The image depicts a family home, decorated for Christmas, with a blackboard in the background containing the offending message. Many customers, members of the public and especially dog lovers have expressed their disappointment. Some shoppers have even decided to abandon Tesco and take their business elsewhere.

The RSPCA added: “We would remind any parents wanting to get any animal as a present that pets are a lifelong commitment and would need a responsible adult to care for him or her. Careful consideration would be needed to ensure the animal would be loved for life and not just a short-term novelty.”

Customer Lou Benny said on Facebook: “Tesco, why on earth did you think it was a good idea to advertise getting a puppy for xmas? A dog is for life, and rescues are full of dogs needing their forever homes, and no doubt that some of these poor dogs were once someone’s xmas puppy.”

Charlotte Sankey added: “Animal charity’s have been working hard for years to get the message across a dog is for life not just for Christmas. Rescue homes are overrun with unwanted dogs as it is and in January will be with the extra puppies that have been bought as presents at Christmas. Thousands of dogs are put to sleep each year because homes can’t be found. I think you are thoughtless and irresponsible and need to rethink your advert. I will now be shopping elsewhere.”

A spokeswoman from Tesco apologized for the magazine. She said,: We’re sorry that some people have taken offense at a picture in our magazine. It was not our intention to encourage people to buy dogs for Christmas.”

Article and image source: Express


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