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Ten Fun Things To Do With Your Labrador


Are you looking for new fun things to do with your Labrador?

We walk them. We play with them. We eat with them. Some of us even sleep with them. If you’re tired of the same old activities, here are a few ideas on how to spend quality time with your Labrador! And nope, we aren’t talking about merely going to the dog park.

#1 Watch your favorite sport with your Lab

Labrador Is Sad Over A Soccer GameDo you bond with your Lab while watching football or baseball? Does your La b have a favorite sport? Perhaps you should watch your favorite team with your dog! You can also take it up a notch by watching the games live at the venue!

If it’s a ball sport, a leash is a good idea or they may disrupt the game!


#2 Play a musical instrument for your Labrador

Jingle bells (dachshund to the snow) by prok

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You may be in for a lot of howling, but watching your dog’s reaction to new sounds is always fun!

You might even want to unleash your dog’s inner Beethoven, like this cute Dachshund or Tucker the Piano-Playing Schnoodle!  Tucker probably got the idea from his human and decided to make “beautiful” sounds himself!


#3 Dance with your Lab

Labrador Puppy Learns To Dance
Play dancing with a dog is a whole lot of fun! Most dogs just love to join in!

Professional dog dancing is called Canine Freestyle! It requires training — lots of training! But if you want a Labrador as talented as this dancing Pit Bull, we’re sure you won’t mind spending hours on it. Besides, dance training can serve as your bonding time itself!


#4  Practice yoga with your Lab

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Doing Yoga is all about focus on both mind and body. Letting your dog join this activity might defeat the purpose, but you can always take it as challenge.

There are lots of doggie yoga fans out there who just love it!


#5 Spend time at the beach with your Labrador

Your dog may not like baths, but there’s a good chance they’ll find the beach fun!

If you’re going out on the water, make sure to put them in doggie life vests and never take your eyes off them to be safe!

If you’re among the lucky ones, like this Labrador named Reus, who live near a beach where awesome sea creatures like dolphins and whale sharks go, then swimming with them makes the experience more terrific!


#6 Care for animals in need

Labrador Playing With Cat! Adorable Lab Video!
This may not be suitable for all dogs. But if your Labrador has a soft spot in his heart for smaller animals in need, then yes, foster a kitten, a puppy, or even a senior dog from the shelter! Labradors have big hearts! They ahve so much love and kindness to offer!


#7 Bring out the inner artist in your Lab


10 Fun Things To Do With Your Labradors 5 (2)

Dogs aren’t visual creatures but we think they will enjoy soaking their paws on wet paint! Then let them “dig-and-draw” on a nice canvass! That artwork can even be a loving memory of your dog and the fun times you spent together!


 #8 Skydive

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Dog 2

This one’s not for everyone, but if you and your dog bold and daring; you may want to give it a try! Perhaps skydiving is the perfect bonding activity for you! Enjoy the adrenaline rush like Riley the Dachshund mix!


#9 Take your dog camping

10 Fun Things To Do With Your Labradors 5 (3)

Take it from Crusoe, the Celebrity Dachshund, dogs love camping, canoeing, hiking, and perhaps some fishing!.

There are lots of things to do in the great outdoors! We’re sure you and your pooch will love what you will find in nature!


#10 Give the elderly and sick children a reason to smile

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There are retirement homes and hospitals that need doggie volunteers! You can contact your local facilities to get an idea how to make your dog a therapy dog!


Image source: Selina Roeda/Facebook, Celebrity Dachshund Andrea Mohin/ The New York Times , Youtube, Flickr: Alexander Lyubavin, normanackSimon James