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Teenager Tries to Help Lost Labrador But Ends Up Stunned After Reading His Tag


**Update** Dew is alive and well!!

In Kentucky, a teenager tried to help a lost Labrador but ended up being stunned after checking the dog’s tag.

Tyler Wilson/Twitter

Tyler Wilson has been seeing a yellow Labrador wandering around a gas station where he frequently fills his car. He thought the Lab was lost. One day, the Labrador decided to come up to him. Worried for the Labrador’s safety, Tyler decided to help the Labrador to help him reunite with his family. He bended down to see his collar and he was quite surprised about what he read: “My name is Dew. I am not lost. I like to roam. Tell me to go home.”

Tyler Wilson/Twitter

In a tweet, Tyler admitted he was delighted to know that Dew was only on an adventure. He found the Lab so cute and wonderful that he decided to give him a hug before leaving the station.

“He got me a little wet from the rain, but it was worth it,” Tyler tweeted.

As it turns out, the Labrador is sort of a local celebrity. Dew even has his own Facebook page where residents who spot him posts photos of his whereabouts. The Labrador is free to roam his owner’s 70-acre farm but he would sometimes decide to go on adventure of his own and wander around the streets.

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Some people expressed their concern over the Dew’s safety, saying that he might get struck by a car and could potentially scare little children or people who are terrified of dogs.

The Labrador’s owners dismissed their fears, assuring everybody that Dew is microchipped and has a GPS tracker with him, so her family always knows where he is. The family also said the Labrador Retriever loves making new friends and enjoys “spreading his love”, adding that the pooch is very popular with students at the local school. The celebrity Labrador is turning 6 on April 19.


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