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Taking Your Labradors To Trick Or Treat? Here Are A Few Things To Consider!


Halloween is just around the corner. What are your plans for your Labradors? Will you keep them safe in room full of toys and sweet music to prevent them chasing children begging for confectionery goods? Or will you take them out all dressed up as adorably scary vampire-dogs?

If you’re choosing the latter, we’re giving you questions to ponder before you take your Lab out for some trick or treats.

Is your Lab’s leash appropriate?

Taking Your Labradors To Trick Or Treat (4)Some states are very specific about dog leashes. Most municipalities call for leashes no more than six feet long. Of course, you won’t want your dog to gettoo close to those little zombies, pirates, and princesses. Accidents do happen.




Does your Labrador’s costume affect her sight?

Taking Your Labradors To Trick Or Treat (5)Dogs in costumes seem pretty cute and adorable. Some dogs hate the idea and will begin chewing the costume the moment you put it on them. Some are indifferent and some actually enjoy it. Just make sure the costume doesn’t hinder their sight or movement. A startled dog may bite and we don’t want anything like that to happen, especially on Halloween.


Does your Lab do well around lots of people?

Taking Your Labradors To Trick Or Treat (2)Many pooches do well around people, thanks to hundreds of years of domestication. But still, large crowds may overwhelm or startle some dogs and a dog amid candy-seeking children is a magnet for uncalled for petting. Pooches who are notcomfortable with random petting from random children should stay home.


Is your Labrador Retriever microchipped or equipped with a current ID?

Taking Your Labradors To Trick Or Treat (3)You can never be too sure. You may think your dog won’t slip your grasp just like several owners who visit shelters the next day looking for their lost ID-less canines. Better safe than sorry!




Is your Lab okay with other dogs?

Taking Your Labradors To Trick Or Treat (1)Chances are, your Lab will encounter many dogs who are out for the same reason – to go out and show off their cuteness in their adorable costumes and of course, go trick or treatin’.  While there are dogs who do well in the company of unfamiliar canines, some pooches cannot handle sharing the same ‘territory’.  The last thing we want in a trick-or-treat lane is a dog fight.


Don’t forget to send us photos of your Labrador Retrievers in costume!

Enjoy Halloween!


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Source: AZ Central