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TailTalk: Upcoming Device Analyzes Tail Wags To Determine How Your Dog Is Feeling


What do all those doggie tail wags mean?

New and promising technology called TailTalk may have the answers. It is designed to help you find out how your dog is feeling.

Dogs “speak” through their actions – the expressions on their faces, their body language, and the wags of their tail.


Dogstar has just launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund its new project: TailTalk. It is a small band you wrap around your dog’s tail to track its movement and translate its meaning.

TailTalk has a sensor with a three-axis accelerometer and gyroscope. When put on your pooch’s tail, the sensor collects the tail-movement data and sends it to iOS and Android compatible applications which translate the wagging into emotions.

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The speed and direction of a tail wag varies and different wags mean different things in canine language. Based on the information about how your pooch wags his tail, you can learn when he is happy, sad, or stressed out.

This app can also let you know how your dog is feeling when you are away from home. The device gathers data and stores it in the cloud. If your pooch is stressed, you’ll get an alert.


The company is collaborating with Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine to study tail-wagging translation. They have peer-reviewed, journal-published research analyzing dog wags and their emotional connection.

If you would like to have this new product on your dog’s tail, you can pledge $89 for the early bird offer. Learn more here.