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Labrador Biker Dog Wears World’s First Kevlar Dog Suit!

A Labrador biker dog in England is a lot safer during adventures with her owner since being fitted with a special Kevlar coat. The dog’s gear is the world’s first Kevlar bike suit designed for dogs. Steve Hawley loves doing things with his black Labrador Retriever, Renee. The …

Labrador Retriever: The Real Cost Of Raising A Dog

What is the real cost of raising a dog, such as Labrador Retriever? The question is likely to perplex your thoughts when you are considering having one of these popular and playful pets at your home. Sometimes love and compassion are not enough to raise a pet. Labradors …

Is Your Dog Scared Of Thunderstorms?

Is your dog scared of thunderstorms? Young dogs and puppies tend to become afraid of high-pitched noises and loud sounds. Thunderstorms with their deafening booms create panic among animals. The thunderous sound makes pets fearful and run for cover. If this is a recurring feature at your household, …

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