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Survey Shows Owning Dogs Boosts A Man’s Sex Appeal


According to a recent survey, owning dogs boosts a man’s sex appeal.

Several men and women can attest to the fact there is something charming and sexy about a handsome man caring for a dog.

In fact, there are Instagram accounts entirely dedicated to “Hot Dudes With Dogs”, which posts photos of both regular men and celebrities, like Tom Hardy, holding their canine friends.

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Now a new survey has confirmed this appeal. According to Psychology Today, Researchers at the University of Nevada partnered with Pet Smart to survey 1,210 single pet owners through the online dating site Match.com.

They wanted to know whether pets figure in modern dating strategies, whether men use them as date bait and whether women are more attracted to men who look after a rescue dog, for example.

The researchers found that around a third of women and a quarter of men said they have been attracted to someone simply because of their pet – with dogs proving the most alluring. It was also found that one in five men admitted using their pet as date bait.

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Anthropologist Peter Gray, who led the project, had a hypothesis that women tend to be more concerned about child-rearing than men, who devote more energy to mating. This somehow suggests that men may use their pet to attract sexual partners and women may be more interested in the advances of a man who loves his pet.

The online survey which was made up of 21 questions about pets and dating came up with the following figures:

  • 60% of the survey takers were female and 40% are male.
  • 70% are dog owners while 42% are cat owners.
  • 35% of the women and 26% of the men said they have been more attracted to someone because of their pet.
  • 64% of women and 49% of men added that they were more attracted to a person if they owned a rescue animal.
  • 22% of men and 6% of women admitted using their pet to attract a date and pets were still important once a date has been secured.
  • Nearly half of the women and a quarter of the men said they judged potential partners on how they responded to their pet.
  • About 75% females and 54% males said they wouldn’t date someone who didn’t like pets.
  • A large majority of women also said that a dog is most attractive – more than five times sexier than a cat. Though owning reptiles, birds and rabbits fared badly when it came to attracting a partner.