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Summer Heat Can Be Dangerous For Your Labrador


Labrador Retriever Water Retrieval TrainingMake sure that the summer heat doesn’t get to your Labrador.

As temperatures rise to the 90s, vets warn pet owners that “Dog Days of Summer” can be dangerous for dogs and other pets.

According to Dr. Charles Athey, dog’s body temperatures can rise very quickly in hot weather and the first sign of heat exhaustion is lots of heavy panting.

“They’re panting so hard, they cannot stop,” he said.

“They’ll only stop and swallow every 15-30 seconds, that’s your key they are way too hot,” he added.

If a dog’s body temperature gets over 108 degrees, major organs start shutting down. He says if a dog isn’t treated, they can die in as little as 30 minutes.

“It’s a rapidly fatal situation,” he said.

Be aware of the signs and make sure your dogs drinks lots of water during this season!

The ASPCA shares other warning signs and things you can do to help!

Source:  First Coast News