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Stray Labrador With Jug Stuck On Head Finally Rescued!


A stray Labrador with a jug stuck on his head for at least three weeks is finally safe thanks to three southern Minnesota residents.

Three dog lovers went above and beyond to capture the terrified dog and remove a plastic jug from his head.

Katherine Nelson of Madison Lake told KARE 11 that she, her husband Don, and a friend Sue Leach nicknamed the Labrador Jughead.  The trio had heard police reports that the plastic jug had been on the poor dog’s head for at least three weeks. The animal could not eat or drink and it was unlikely that the Lab would survive much longer.

For three days they worked solidly to capture the frightened animal. First, they set a live food trap, but this didn’t work. It did however spark the next step in the process. On Wednesday morning they went to check the trap and saw the Labrador’s tracks in the snow. The tracks lead to a brushy, swampy area where Jughead was sleeping. Don Nelson quietly sneaked up to the dog and scooped him up. The distressed Labrador did try to get away, but didn’t have the strength.

The tired, weak and emaciated Labrador was taken to the Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital.

“He didn’t have much time left,” Katherine Nelson said. “Someone would have walked up and found him dead.”

Stray Labrador With Jug Stuck On Head Finally Rescued!

Jughead finally freed himself from the life-threatening container while being unloaded at the vet.

Nelson says the staff at Minnesota Valley Pet Hospital are nursing the starving black Lab back to health free of charge.

The Nelson’s plan to take the Lab to their farm near Madison Lake once he is discharged. He will recover completely together with their other dogs. When Jughead is back to full strength they will try to find the Labrador a loving, forever home.

Police reports suggest that this poor Labrador had been on the streets for more than a year!

Get Well soon Jughead!


Image source: Katherine Nelson via KARE11
Article source: KARE11