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Stolen Labrador Guide Dog Returned To Blind Owner After Public Outcry!


Diana, a Labrador guide dog, who was stolen literally out of her blind owner’s hands, is back where she belongs after a public outcry!

When Yulia Dyakova’s guide dog was stolen last month in Moscow, it left her devastated.

She relied on her Labrador to get around. The news about the Labrador‘s theft sparked a public outcry to help find the dog.

Volunteers launched a campaign on the internet, and the response was instant and heated. Here are some of the remarks.

“A guide dog was stolen from a visually-impaired woman in a public place!”

“I am addressing the thieves…enough of this nonsense! Return Diana the dog to Yulia!”

“What is wrong with this world? People, get over yourselves! If we can do such things for money, there is no hope.”

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Yulia said she could feel the dog’s lead being snatched from her hands in broad daylight in a busy part of city.

Police and volunteers team up to search for the missing Labrador.

Online speculation suggested that the dog thief might have been an animal rights activist who thought the dog was being used by a beggar.

Diana was eventually found in a shelter in the other side of the city. It was a happy reunion for the owner and her best friend.

When the pair were reunited, Yulia’s immediate reaction was to pet her beloved Diana,”Sit. Here we go, sit friend,” she said as the Lab willingly obliged.”Good, good doggie.”

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Many people gathered around Yulia and Diana to witness the reunion. One person asked Yulia if she knows the dog is really Diana.

“Yes, it’s Diana. Her nose, ears…of course it’s Diana,” Yulia said. “This is my dog.”

Everybody who was present clapped their hands, happy for the two!

“What (would) a person feel if their friend — their child– is taken away,” Yulia told an RT reporter.”I don’t have children myself, Diana is like a child to me.”

She says people have been helping find her dog and she has had many calls to say that a similar dog was found. Yulia may be blind, but she knows her Labrador very well.

“I came about each call and it was not Diana,” she said.”I know the nose of my dog. My Diana is used to me touching her nose and she never turned away.”

Yulia also mentioned Diana’s ears.

“One time they showed me a doggie but I said that my Diana has softer ears,” she said.

Yulia and Diana are both happy to be back together again.

“I was worried about her all the time, I know what was going with me, but I don’t know about her,” she said. “I didn’t know if she was found and taken care of or if she was even alive.”

Yulia also shared how a typical day goes for her and her beloved guide dog.

“‘Diana shop’, ‘Diana Institute’ — then she already knows where to direct me,” the blind woman said. “We just talk to her this way and she knows where to go. No other instructions needed.”

Yulia says Diana is a special dog and that she waited for a long time to get her.

“We didn’t meet in this world accidentally,” she said.