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‘Stand Your Ground’ Law May Help Save Labrador Padi From Euthanasia!


Florida’s controversial ‘Stand Your Ground’ law may turn out to be the law that saves Labrador dog, Padi, from euthanasia.

In late June, the black Labrador Retriever mix bit a 4-year-old boy at his owner’s veterinarian’s clinic.


According to a report by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, Padi and his owner’s attorney, Charles Britt, will argue that Florida’s dog bite statute is inconsistent with the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law and dog-bite tort law.

The Labrador mix faces euthanasia by Manatee County Animal Services if the dog’s legal team fails to win in the Circuit Court.

While the issue of the constitutionality of Florida’s dog bite statute was being debated, the final decision on Padi’s fate went to Circuit Court after a public outcry on Facebook urged county commissioners to hear the case.

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Under the current law, Britt saidPadi’s owner, veterinarian Paul Gartenberg, is not entitled to “due process” and the dog would be euthanized without a hearing. Britt argues that Padi was provoked by the little boy who was not properly supervised was interacting with the dog.

In line with Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, Britt argued that the Labrador had the right to defend himself as he was cornered under the veterinarian’s desk when the incident took place.

Lawyers representing the little boy’s family are say that Padi was not provoked when he bit the child.