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Snoozing Black Labrador Photo Becomes A Greeting Card Hit


Sleeping Labrador Photo Becomes A Greeting Card HitA photo of a snoozing black Labrador has become a greeting card hit!

Taking a nap on a sofa with her glossy fur, this Black Labrador Retriever looks adorably comfortable and she is not the only one!

Thanks to the popularity of this cute photo, an unknown photographer is enjoying a huge success.

The photo of Dilly the Lab has caught the eye of many endeared netizens and has reached more than 10 million views online worldwide while the photographer has sold tens of thousands of greeting cards with the photo.

The photographer known only as ‘Villager Jim’  doesn’t want any recognition for his work  and is keeping his identity a secret.

He said, “It all started 18 months ago when I took a picture of my Labrador falling asleep in her chair and it went viral.”

That particular photograph gained interest across the globe. But it also gained notoriety in the U.S. particularly because of a fake internet rumor that the Lab in the picture actually formerly belonged to a soldier who had been killed in Iraq.

“Somebody put the photograph on a story to do with a soldier being killed in Iraq. The story was complete rubbish, but it the picture went massive – I tried to correct the mistake, but you can’t control something like that,” he said.

But the overwhelming response to the picture encouraged him to further develop his interest in photography.

He sold prints of the photo to local pubs and it has been so successful that his primary business of running holiday accommodation in the Peak District is now being overtaken by the interest in his images of animals and nature scenes.

At the start of this year, ‘Villager Jim’ decided to start selling greeting cards featuring the Labrador photo plus other photographs at £2 a pop and has sold 60,000 since January.

He now sells through over 200 outlets in Derbyshire and prints of his work sell for around £40.

“It has been absolutely mad. And the thing is, it’s been so accidental and unforced, which is probably why it has caught so many people’s attention. Long may it continue – I’m having a brilliant time, “ he said.

Source: Daily Mail