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Skin Fly Larvae Infestation Found In Several Dogs


Fly Larva Infest Dogs' Skin In ColoradoDog owners, beware! Skin fly larvae infestation found in several dogs.

This time of the year, flies reproduce at a rapid rate and your dogs’ skin can be their unlikely delivery room. Some of the eggs become larvae which dig under the dog’s skin and grow.

Several dogs in Colorado were checked up by veterinarians. Many had skin infested with fly larvae, resulting in  large sores and bumps. The larvae dig into the skin and stay there to grow.

These sores are extremely painful for dogs.

If you suspect your pet has them on his skin, it is necessary to consult your vet.

Do not attempt to squeeze the bump. If the larva is squished, it releases a chemical to which many dogs have an acute life threatening allergic reaction.

With immediate attention, a vet can safely remove the larvae and your pooch will be cured right away.


Image and article source: 9News.com