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Sit Stay Ride: America’s Sidecar Dogs: Awesome TV Documentary


OSit Stay Ride Americas Sidecar Dogsne of the commentators in the Sit Stay Ride: America’s Sidecar Dogs documentary describes it perfectly, “Dogs and sidecars, it’s just a match made in heaven!”

JD Whittaker was in Egypt, during the Cold War, when he added his first sidecar to his motorcycle. That’s where it all started. As soon as he arrived home, he built a sidecar for his family.

“Kid grow up and, of course, they want to bring their dog,” says Whittaker! He features, among 18 riders and their dogs, “Sit. Stay. Ride: America’s Sidecar Dogs.”

The dog owners never physically met while filming, but they ” all spoke with one voice,” Whittaker told NBC News. “Such a diverse group of people, a diverse group of motorcycles, a diverse group of dogs, and we’re all speaking with one voice.”

Philippe Murat, who rides with his wife and two Beagles, says in the documentary: “There are two reasons to have dogs in your sidecar. One is because you don’t want to go anywhere without your dogs. And the second reason is because it’s so cool!”

Most of the featured dogs are rescue dogs. The film is dedicated to “to all rescue dogs, on motorcycles or off.” The proceeds from screenings and 25% of DVD sales will be donated to dog rescue organizations.

Documentary-maker Eric Ristau and his wife own rescue dogs!

In an email Ristau told NBC News, “Sidecars are such an antiquated, unusual form of transportation. The image of a dog wearing doggles, sitting in a sidecar and having a blast riding down the road was just so refreshing and joyful.”

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Article source: NBC News