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Silver Lake Dog Park Puts Up Creative Signs About Dog Poop!


Owners who don’t pick up their dog’s poop give all dog owners a bad rap! After all conventional methods failed the Silver Lake Dog Park got creative! They put up artsy signs about dog poop! Some will make you giggle, some are quite explicit! Let’s hope they’ll get the message across!

Owning a dog isn’t all love and cuteness – it comes with responsibility.

It seems that signs saying “dog defecation is to be immediately removed by owner” just aren’t catchy enough! Owners ignore them!

Silver Lake Dog Park Puts Up Creative Signs About Dog Poop 2

The Silver Lake residents have five new cute signs they will be hanging up around the neighborhood.

The new signs were designed by the winners of a design contest held by the Council District 13. A total of 12 people participated in the competition, including one person who lives in Moscow.

The signs were approved by the Board of Recreation and Parks Commissioners last week.

The designs have variety but they all send a single message – Pick up your dog’s poop!
Two of the signs show a pooping dog while only one shows an actual poop.

Silver Lake Dog Park Puts Up Creative Signs About Dog Poop 2

One sign shows a recreation of the iconic Rosie the Riveter artwork with the statement: “We poop it! You scoop it!”

It still isn’t clear when these new signs will go up at the dog park, but the residents hope it will change the mind of Yelper Senator T, who rated the park only one star and left the review:

The dude bro eating a sandwich at the picnic table in the middle of this fecal infested dirt heap was the final straw, I had to write a review. Not only is this one of the most disgusting dog parks in the city, it’s saying a lot because even the most pristine dog parks are beyond revolting.

This particular collection of unsupervised and poorly trained dogs kicking up poop dirt for all humans to bathe in gets the awesome enhancement of all the idiot dog owners walking around with self congratulatory grins and inappropriate footwear for standing in turd infested mine field.

It’s really more of a social space for humans to talk about how awesome they are for rescuing their dog or even better to chat about the script they are working on. In the dog park. There is a laptop in this pooped air stink hole and the machine should be incinerated but at least it’s a clear red flag that this human should be stayed away from.

They don’t clean up the dog poop here and I choke when I run around the reservoir.

How anyone could eat in a place like this is beyond me, however is indicative of the sort to be found here. Dog parks are gross, this one doubly so.


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