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Silly Labrador Swallows Her Owner’s Hearing Aid


In Northern Ireland, one silly Labrador swallowed her owner’s hearing aid!

Norma McKenzie needs her hearing aid for occasional use. After an outing, she returned home and found Domino, her six-month-old black Labrador, chewing on one of them. Unfortunately, she couldn’t find the other.

Since Domino had tried getting her paws on her hearing aids before, the 63-year-old woman realized that the Labrador must have gobbled up the other one and rushed her to the PDSA Dundee Pet Hospital.

Silly Labrador Swallows Her Owner’s Hearing Aid 1PA/PDSA/Malcolm Cochrane

The veterinarians at the animal hospital gave the Lab medication to induce vomiting, as the hearing aid could have caused a fatal blockage in the dog’s digestive system. The battery in it could have also burned her stomach lining.

“The injection did the trick and within five minutes Domino had brought up all the different bits of the hearing aid, along with the battery,” McKenzie said.  “We also discovered that she’d swallowed bits from a comb, the jewel from a hairclip and even been munching on prawn crackers.”

PDSA senior vet Andy Cage said it is common for dogs to swallow odd things, especially when they are young puppies. But the vet emphasized that any potentially dangerous objects should be kept out of harm’s way.

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“There is a medical term for pets eating strange objects – pica,” he said. “Dogs, especially puppies and younger dogs like Domino, use their mouth to investigate objects, as well as to eat. Sometimes when doing this, a dog will swallow an object by mistake.Thankfully Norma brought Domino straight to the hospital, which meant we were able to take action before it caused any serious damage.”

McKenzie said Domino hadn’t showed an interest in her hearing aids lately.

“One day I found her with a pair of my glasses and one of the lenses was destroyed,” she said.  “She’s also chewed the side of my coffee table. I heard that putting mustard on it would stop her but she actually enjoyed it and licked it all off!I know she’s a puppy and they do like to explore things, but I’m now being a lot more careful where I put things, especially when I get my replacement hearing aids.”


Source: Belfast Telegraph